10 Years Behind a Miracle

Photography by Mark Davidson and Pat Lassy

“Breast cancer survivors are mothers, sisters, daughters – women who matter to the lives they take care of and the people they love. By supporting The Pendleton Foundation, BIGHORN BAM annually supports 300 families a year fighting cancer, easing financial and transportation burdens and building a brighter future.” – Debi Aarthun, BAM Chair

TrueBeam STX Linear Accelerator, the most advanced radiation equipment available. “BAM has transformed cancer care at Eisenhower Medical Center by providing $6 million to fund the latest diagnostic capabilities for 30,000 patients per year visiting the Lucy Curci Cancer Center. “It’s so wonderful to practice in a setting where the philanthropic community allows the hospital and physicians to continually be able to deliver the best care possible.” – Monica Khanna, MD, Medical Director Eisenhower BIGHORN Radiation, Oncology Center.

“Thanks to BAM, nearly 10,000 round trip rides have been given to patients in need who rely on public transportation. The BIGHORN BAM vans provide safe, reliable transportation ensuring that patients receive treatment on schedule helping them get better faster. That’s a miracle!” – Alison Sachs, Community Outreach Patient Support Services Director, Eisenhower Lucy Curci Cancer Center.

“Together we can transform another 100,000 lives and make millions more miracles happen! Because of your generosity, lives wil be saved; because you care, cancer survivors will live longer; and because of your compassion, cancer patients that need support will have it!” – Selby Dunham, BIGHORN BAM Founder and 12-year breast cancer survivor.

BAM Chair Debi Aarthun and BAM Founder Selby Dunham with BIGHORN Chairman R.D. Hubbard giving Selby an Award of Fundraising Excellence.

“Together we have transformed 100,000 lives through purchasing state-of-the-art, cancer-fighting equipment, providing nearly 10,000 round-trip rides in BAM Van transportation, and assisting in paying household bills through The Pendleton Foundation, so those fighting this disease can focus on getting well,” says BAM Founder Selby Dunham. “When you see the BAM vans drive by, it gives you chills knowing that someone is getting a much-needed ride to chemo or radiation treatment and we had a hand in that.”

A Club That Cares
At the start of each season, BIGHORN rolls out its calendar of not-your-ordinary fundraisers. As Danielle describes, “In November, we have the BGCC Pro Am Invitational Golf Tournament featuring 25 Top Champions Tour golfers and BAM’s A Miracle on El Paseo, open to the public, where the feel-good environment and magical block party gets everyone in the holiday spirit with music, a Ferris wheel, treats, and a 200 ft zipline!” This event is one that families look forward to for months and one that supports BAM’s aggressive cancer-related efforts. “In December, we announce the recipients of BIGHORN Cares grants. So for the first two months when Members return to BIGHORN, it’s a homecoming of fun, friendship, and making a difference together.”

BIGHORN’s combined philanthropic efforts since 2005 are staggering. The giving is real and palpable and the results stretch across the entire Coachella Valley. Of course, many who have been touched will never know that BIGHORN Members were the reason their children have a backpack and new shoes for school, or their wife received a life-saving early detection for breast cancer, or their friend received the chance to better themselves through education. For BIGHORN, the outcome, not the credit, is the sincere motivator.

The theme for the 2016 National Philanthropy Day luncheon honoring BIGHORN Golf Club Charities was, “Change the World With a Giving Heart.” It’s a theme BIGHORN authentically embodies each and every season and no doubt the reason it was recognized as the Outstanding Philanthropic Corporation.

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