A New Perspective

Member and longtime resident, Terry Weiner, recently purchased Penthouse 302 after years of owning a large home in BIGHORN. 


QUESTION: What drew you to this property initially? 

ANSWER: First and foremost is the beauty of the design. When I walked in to my BIGHORN  Penthouse for the first time, it was love at first sight. I loved the tall ceilings, the attention to detail, and the quality of the construction. This building is built to a far higher standard than typical residential property. For example, most of the walls are concrete which makes it extremely quiet. Plus, I love the privacy.


QUESTION: Is this a private place to live?

ANSWER: Yes. I have always been a very private person, and this BIGHORN Penthouse gives me the highest level of privacy possible. I simply drive into my underground garage and access my private elevator that opens right into my living room. I can come and go and not be seen.


QUESTION: What aspects of Penthouse living appeal to you most?

ANSWER: Last year, I purchased a Penthouse property in Las Vegas and came to realize that lifestyle really suites me. I enjoy being able to lock it and leave it.

This BIGHORN Penthouse gives me unparalleled services, views, and convenience without all the attendant responsibilities of having gardeners and all the things that go with a big home. So for me it is perfect. I enjoy being able to just get in the elevator, go downstairs and have breakfast, read the Wall Street Journal and New York Times. It’s such a convenience. I can enjoy company at the Pour House or entertain in the privacy of my Penthouse with food delivery. It’s also nice to be able to call ahead if I’m not here, and let the concierge know that I have someone coming to the house, and to please let them in. That is a big advantage for me.

Anyone who has ever checked into a five-star hotel, and stayed in a presidential suite will understand – that is how life is here, every day.


QUESTION: How do you use the concierge services that accompany BIGHORN Penthouses?

ANSWER: Over the past 35 years, I traveled for business and had the good fortune to stay in some of the finest hotels around the world. Living here, in a BIGHORN Penthouse makes me feel that I am waking up every day in the presidential suite of a five-star resort. I LOVE it. The services are amazing. 

As a BIGHORN Penthouse resident, I have a personal concierge available to help me make any arrangements I may need, as well as order groceries, schedule appointments and arrange car or plane services. It’s all about ease. 

One morning, I was having several friends over to play golf. The Pour House brought up coffee, orange juice and pastries for the group. This is actually better than room service because typically, even in a five-star hotel, if I call room service, I’m lucky to get the food in an hour. Here, it’s up in five minutes. The expediency is nice, and the variety of things they can do in the Pour House is pretty much unlimited.

It’s almost embarrassing how easy it is to live in a Penthouse. 


QUESTION: Does your dog like living here?

ANSWER: He loves it. I have a little artificial grass area back by the pool – yes, this Penthouse has a swimming pool upstairs on the roof. We go down in the elevator, he runs over and jumps into the golf cart, and we’re at the dog park in two minutes. It’s easy for him.


QUESTION: Any parting thoughts?

ANSWER: The views are spectacular. The sunrises and sunsets are magnificent because I look right down the 18th fairway. 

I do travel around the world quite a bit, Europe, Asia, South America. There is no place like BIGHORN, and I’m not just saying that because I live here. The level of service, the quality of the events, the amenities. 

You can’t truly understand or believe it until you live here. BIGHORN is unlike any place else in the world, and I am so fortunate to call it home. 

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