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In 2006, BIGHORN Chairman R.D. Hubbard created BIGHORN Golf Club Charities, a 501(c)(3) non-profit focused on providing college scholarships, English as a Second Language classes, hundreds of gifts during our holiday Toy Drive, and providing a Veterans Resource Center at the College of the Desert to assist the 400 veterans attending classes. To date, BIGHORN Golf Club Charities has funded 419 community college, trade school, 4-year university, and graduate scholarships with 48 more anticipated to be awarded this fall semester alone. BIGHORN Members

Through this success, BIGHORN Members continue to give and support hard-working individuals who will undoubtedly make our valley’s future great!

In 2014, BIGHORN Members Joe Kirby, R.D. Hubbard, and Ed Burger collaborated on another idea to honor the dedicated, immensely effective non-profits in the Coachella Valley that serve some of the most underserved populations to radically improve their quality of life. Many of our Members have been moved to provide BIGHORN Golf Club Charities with the necessary funds for these non-profit organizations to enhance their facilities, improve their programs, and launch new ones. BIGHORN Cares is their newly established vehicle for doing just that, in the only way that BIGHORN knows how – doing it BIG and doing it RIGHT!

What started as a grassroots campaign by a few Members wanting to reach out to the most underserved in our community has turned into an exciting beacon of hope for 38 well-deserving non-profits. We all know that the Coachella Valley is home to many non-profits that do truly incredible work. Over 125 Valley non-profits applied for the first BIGHORN Cares program, all with impressive programs and services that are enriching our community. Yet the selected 2014 recipients provided the most significant projects that are poised to benefit the most people and make an unmistakable difference in local lives. In our beautiful Valley, the needs are vast, and the results of these awarded monies will prove to be miraculous!

Educational Scholarships
BIGHORN Golf Club Charities (BGCC) has raised over $6 million to build Coachella Valley’s future through educational scholarships. Funding has included 196 community college and technical trade scholarships and 223 4-year university and master’s scholarships. BIGHORN has experienced students filled with hope, inspiration, and determination to build a more promising future, as shown through these examples:

Amber Wiskow Corner
Director of Nursing and
Infection Control Coordinator, Advanced Pain Management
Daughter of 24-year BIGHORN team member Sue Babington, the Homeowners Association Manager, Amber started visiting BIGHORN as a baby. As she grew, she understood how important BIGHORN was to their family, not only as a means of support, but as friends who loved them. As she prepared to go to College of the Desert (C.O.D.), she was granted the BGCC Scholarship to help her with tuition, books, and expenses.

“A successful career takes dedication, hard work, and perseverance,” Amber says. “I had big dreams of becoming a Nurse. Receiving the BGCC Scholarship meant I was able to focus more time on school and less time at work. I completed my prerequisites in two short years and was quickly accepted into the Nursing Program. Two grueling years later, I emerged with a degree in hand. I am proud to be a Registered Nurse and gratefully thank the BIGHORN Members for making my dreams a reality!”

Amber is the Director of Nursing and the Infection Control Coordinator for the Ambulatory Surgical Center at Advanced Pain Management. Working alongside Dr. Roland Reinhart, she prepares patients for medical procedures to ensure their safe and quick recovery.

“I try to positively impact my patient’s lives by turning what can be a frightening experience into something pleasant,” she states. “I could not ask for a more rewarding career.”

Veronica Noriega
Canyons Electrical & Golf Maintenance Veronica Noriega is a 15-year BIGHORN team member with the Canyons Golf Maintenance staff. She has graduated from the English as a Second Language program held at BIGHORN, which has helped her in filling out forms, filing her taxes, and reading her bank statements as well as boosting her confidence to participate in more activities.

Five years ago, BIGHORN Golf Club Charities granted Veronica a scholarship to complete her Industrial Electric and Residential Electricity certification. She spent over 200 hours on weekends driving to the Riverside Training Center. Her graduation assignment entailed working on an elaborate final project which incorporated switches, buttons, lights and a fan to demonstrate how electricity transmits in multiple ways. “Everyone at BIGHORN has the opportunity to grow,” she shares. “I am excited to continue with my education and want my co-workers to succeed too!” “We are so proud of Veronica,” shares Golf Superintendent Dave Lowe. “She is a model team member who encourages her co-workers to continue their education and who teaches others what she has learned.”

Mayra Orozco
Payroll Associate
Eight years ago, Mayra started at BIGHORN as the Ladies’ Locker Room Attendant. Her winning personality and professionalism impressed the Members and while attending school she moved into a position at The Pour House. After graduation, an opportunity opened in Human Resources for a Payroll Associate and she was immediately selected to fill the position.

“The BIGHORN Scholarship helped me succeed and become the professional I am today,” shares Mayra. “It gave me hope when finances became tight. My manager would give me extra shifts when I could only afford to take one class at a time, but I knew I could do it! Going to C.O.D. and then graduating from Cal State San Bernardino, I felt like I was on top of the world!”

As a Payroll Associate for the past three years, Mayra feels that she is prepared for the real world, adding “I am so grateful for all the help BIGHORN has given me.” Mayra is now working on her Certified Payroll Professional certification and donating her time to students who want to continue their education. “Anything is possible with determination!” she exclaims.

BIGHORN Changes Lives
Year after year, BIGHORN Golf Club Charities (BGCC) hits milestones. These are born from the generosity of the individuals behind this organization’s lofty yet remarkably attainable goals. Over the past year, BGCC has made some significant achievements in its philanthropic efforts including adding to its support of Eisenhower Medical Center. $43 million has been given in 10 short years. Members have supported the nationally recognized BIGHORN Dermatology and Mohs Surgery Center at Scripps and the impressive cancer survivor supporting BIGHORN Behind A Miracle (BAM). Their coordinated efforts reached an impressive $5.5 million milestone over its nine-year history!

BIGHORN BAM Fights Cancer

“BIGHORN BAM is a true miracle to the 25,000 cancer patients treated at Eisenhower Medical center each year,” beams 10-year breast cancer survivor Selby Dunham. “From day one of diagnosis, you are a survivor. So it’s a privilege for us to lessen both the physical strain by providing high-performance equipment and transportation services at Eisenhower and lessen the financial strain with monetary assistance through our partnership with The Pendleton Foundation.” Pendleton distributes grocery and gas cards and helps pay rent and utilities when money gets tough and patients need to focus on getting better.

“When people are diagnosed in the Coachella Valley and are struggling financially, they need immediate response,” shares Sean Roberts, President of The Pendleton Foundation. “When you don’t have food or housing, you can’t wait three weeks for benefits. The Pendleton Foundation receives applications that are generally approved within an hour. We can have benefits ready for that patient the same day!”

Lucy Curci Cancer Center is growing their space to accommodate a High Risk Breast Clinic, developing Breast Imaging Research, promoting physician education to the community, and creating a healing environment. Providing high-performance equipment is still the core of Eisenhower’s needs: a Tomosynthesis, or a 3-D Mammography machine, is necessary as well as a Whole Breast Ultrasound System and a Breast CT, which offers the accuracy of an MRI with the convenience of having a mammogram.
“BIGHORN BAM seeks the greatest needs at Eisenhower and makes the decision on what they can help fulfill – that is a true miracle!” expresses Michael Landes, President, Eisenhower Medical Foundation.

And There’s More...
Philanthropy of all shapes and sizes has always been a BIGHORN tradition, and this past season is greater proof that a legacy can be built when the caring efforts of many individuals come together as one united force. Whether it’s The Galen, Palm Springs Art Museum, The Living Desert, McCallum Theatre, Cancer for College, or the multitude of non-profits that work with the neediest members of our community, BIGHORN Members continue to band together to help build up the surrounding community by making a real difference!



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