BIGHORN Properties: 27 years of Commitment

Photography by Mark Davidson

The best salesperson is the one that knows everything about the product they sell. This is why BIGHORN Properties is so successful for so many years. The only objective of BIGHORN Properties is to represent, market and sell BIGHORN and the properties of all of its clients. It does nothing else. That bears repeating and emphasizing. BIGHORN Properties sells only BIGHORN properties!

Every day of every year the Sales Associates and the office think about and work on BIGHORN. Understanding and knowing the community, its history, its values, how it came to be, what it is today and where it’s going tomorrow – all of it! When a client lists a property with BIGHORN the Sales Associate representing the BIGHORN owner and home or homesite already knows the history of the property. When it was developed, why it was developed, what’s been done to alter or change it over the years, who the previous owners were – all of these things are already a part of the knowledge base of BIGHORN Properties. Typically, this is all firsthand knowledge. This is so valuable in representing a property for sale because the Associates are already invested in it.

To be successful to accomplish the sale – not once, but hundreds and thousands of times over a long period of time you have to stay focused and continually refresh your knowledge of your product and customer and how and why the two should come together. BIGHORN Properties is all about knowledge and all about putting the two together. No one knows BIGHORN better or can talk about its wonders and lifestyle better than a BIGHORN Properties Sales Associate.

When you’re a buyer, what is it you’re interested in and when is it that you have confidence and trust in the salesperson with whom you’re working? Isn’t it always with someone who has a real understanding of what you’re interested in and expresses it well with details and looks at the product with your interests in mind? Of course. In the case of BIGHORN, because the Sales Associates know BIGHORN in depth, how it functions, who does what and all that it has to offer, they will know how BIGHORN fits the lifestyle of any potential BIGHORN owner and Member.

There is no other realtor that knows BIGHORN’s streets, where all of the Club, Management, HOA offices are or that knows the gate officers by name. Who else knows the names of all of the terrific people who work at BIGHORN – both front of house and back of house? Who else has access to all of management and the “head guy”. Who else can introduce a potential BIGHORN owner to the individuals at the Spa & Salon or Golf Shop or at the Concierge Desk or to other Members enjoying their day at the Club, having a coffee at the Marketplace, eating at The Pour House, or just having enjoyed a massage or game of Pickleball. Only BIGHORN Properties has this access and more importantly only BIGHORN Properties can do this because it is onsite, does nothing else and cares about BIGHORN.

When you think about it, it makes perfect sense. A Sales Associate 99% of the time has sold the home to the BIGHORN owner who is now trying to sell that home. So there is a longstanding relationship. The Associate very likely introduced that selling owner not only to BIGHORN, but to that owner’s BIGHORN friends and through the years they have acknowledged important life moments together – birthdays, weddings, graduations, Women’s Member/ Member Championship – enjoying the occasional lunch and dinner just  to “catch up”. It’s a relationship, a friendship.

So to the Sales Associate who is now engaged in selling the home, the representation is important because the relationship with BIGHORN owners is important. Any new, potential BIGHORN owner and Member is looked at the same way by the Sales Associates. “This person, this family, hopefully will be longtime Members of BIGHORN enjoying the lifestyle and enriching their lives.”

BIGHORN Properties embraces this role. It has no other goal than for BIGHORN to thrive. For more information on BIGHORN’s new Penthouses, spec homes, or collection of spectacular custom properties, please call BIGHORN Properties at 800-551-5578 or visit

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