Game, Set, Match

Mark Davidson

April’s Mixed Doubles Championship was a historic weekend for the BIGHORN tennis program. Our two-flight tournament encouraged more players to get involved. By the time play started on Thursday, there were seven teams in the “Championship” Flight and seven teams in the “Fun” Flight.

The Championship matches began with nine of the 14 players having won BIGHORN Tennis Championships, including the last two Mixed Doubles Champions from past seasons. It was an amazingly strong field.

On Saturday, all the courts were filled and we had many Members watching from the beautiful viewing area behind courts 3 and 4. The matches were all very entertaining and everyone had a great time cheering on the players.

On Sunday, the Fun Flight final was played at 8 a.m. and was won by Rich Helppie and Darla Valliant. At 9 a.m. a dozen players wanted to play in BIGHORN’s Drill & Play session. At 11 a.m. the Titcombs defeated the Ackermanns in a really tight and well-played 3-set final that lasted over two hours.

It was four days filled with highly competitive and excellent tennis matches. Twenty-eight different Members played in the event and many more supported their friends by watching the matches and cheering them on.

This is the core of BIGHORN tennis: Friendships! The Drill & Play sessions evolving from the original clinics has allowed the tennis program to grow.

Word has it that a tennis director at a much larger club saw the number of teams in our tournament and told Tennis Director Dan Aubuchon that we have better participation at BIGHORN than at his club! He was certain that BIGHORN has the most active group of tennis players at any club here in the desert.

“Dan Aubuchon runs a fabulous and growing tennis program which has attracted an ever-expanding group of players of all abilities who enjoy tennis and good friends through parties and other social events,” describes Kerry Killinger. “Our tennis program has attracted many new vibrant Members to BIGHORN and we encourage all Members to try out the complimentary Drill & Play, and quality tennis instruction,” praises Killinger.

BIGHORN will continue to provide the best instruction, a varied program of Drills & Play, and Club Championship tournaments, but the real value to BIGHORN’s tennis program is the social network of players and how they welcome new tennis players at BIGHORN.

“The growth in the tennis program is amazing and I am proud of the work that we have done,” says Aubuchon, “but the real heroes in the program’s growth are the Members. They bring in new players and even more importantly welcome and indoctrinate the new Members into life at BIGHORN.”

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