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When you walk into the state-of-the-art BIGHORN Clubhouse for the first time, expect to be dazzled. It is sleek, elegant, modern and simply awe-inspiring. Glance across the length of the room and you’ll encounter stunning panoramic views of the Santa Rosa Mountains, Coachella Valley and the 18th green.

This is home.

BIGHORN has come a long way since Chairman R.D. Hubbard and a group of founding Members purchased the Club in 1996. And no expense or attention to detail has been spared over the ensuing 23 years.

BIGHORN now boasts more than 470 residences. New ultramodern amenities have been created, expanded and renovated in recent years, including the Canyons Steakhouse, The Vault, and Kiddin’ Around Play Park. Complacency doesn’t exist at BIGHORN. Evolution does. And BIGHORN hasn’t missed a beat.

According to BIGHORN President Carl Cardinalli, a new, modern Clubhouse was essential to meet Members’ expectations and to be commensurate with the quality and value of homes and amenities for which BIGHORN is known.

“Because of Mr. Hubbard’s vision year after year, BIGHORN added amenities that had never been done before in residential golf communities in the desert,” he explains. “The first spa and salon, the first Marketplace and Starbucks, the first standalone fine dining steakhouse restaurant, The Vault…"

"Obviously, the investment was extensive and proof of Mr. Hubbard’s determination to create a Club and environment never seen before. Everything at BIGHORN — from the landscaping and golf courses to the campus of buildings and infrastructure — was created, built, or completely renovated. Except one thing: the 25-year-old Clubhouse,” Cardinalli says. “It remained the last vestige of a bygone era and different vision. In 2015, it was decided it was time to move on.”

Sensitive to the fact that Members would be without the use of a Clubhouse during construction, Hubbard gave direction to build the new facility in only one season.

“With the efforts of hundreds of committed, talented people, the new Clubhouse was completed in 16 months — only one season to be without a Clubhouse at ‘Camp BIGHORN,’ ”

Cardinalli says, stressing that the entire BIGHORN team focused on accomplishing the successful feat.


The challenge of building a new 80,000 sqft Clubhouse the central hub of golf and its enviable lifestyle — was not only to exceed expectations, but to provide countless options for Members to choose from on any given day.

“The Clubhouse is as much about living, playing and entertaining as it is about enjoying a spectacular game of golf,”

Mr. Hubbard famously says.

This forward-thinking mindset envisioned an all-encompassing facility unlike anything else found at other clubs. Simply put, it’s not just for golf — it’s a lifestyle.

Award-winning architectural firm Swaback Partners innovatively created a Clubhouse for the delivery of a myriad of services to Members and their families.

The experience starts the moment you walk through the front door.

“There isn’t anybody here who doesn’t have a smile on their face, doesn’t know your name, and doesn’t do everything to please you,” Member Jay Westman exudes.

The Clubhouse is more than a building. It’s a natural progression of 20-plus years of excellence that has provided Members the lifestyle they have come to expect.

“The Clubhouse itself elevates the value of BIGHORN,” Cardinalli says. “We’ve seen it in the activity we’ve had this year in properties and Memberships.”

The Clubhouse’s inaugural season was a whirlwind.

“When we opened, we were just slammed,” he explains. “Fortunately, we have an amazing staff with an average tenure of about nine years. They just acted without thinking. Whatever needed to get done, they did.”

Now, with a full season under its belt, the Clubhouse can settle in and focus entirely on providing Members the sophisticated and extraordinary services BIGHORN is known for.

“We’re at the top of the mountain we’ve

been climbing,” Cardinalli says. “This season, we finally have an opportunity to catch our breath. We can really focus on what has made BIGHORN a premier community — service.

“A buzzword we have right now is ‘recommitment.’ A total recommitment to BIGHORN,” he explains. “BIGHORN is this concept. It’s the idea of excellence. It’s exceptional quality. How do you enrich someone else’s life? Going into the season let’s look at things as if we’re looking at

them for the first time. And let’s remember how passionate we are about BIGHORN and what it means.”

BIGHORN is constantly raising the bar when it comes to elevated living, and based on the Club’s illustrious history, there’s more to come. Much more.

“We’ve walked through the threshold of the future and are setting a new standard in the clubhouse world,” Mr. Hubbard says. “I look forward to seeing BIGHORN continue to set the standard for the finest clubhouses of our time.”

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