Happy, Together

It’s as if Happy and Bill Nisson were destined to call BIGHORN home.

Coincidently, Bill had met Chairman R.D. Hubbard more than 20 years ago in Tennessee. After admiring BIGHORN from afar for a number of years, the couple first visited the Club in March 2016 and knew instantly they wanted to be a part of the community.

Now, as established Members, the Nissons enjoy reflecting on the choices that brought them to BIGHORN.

“We’ve been members of several clubs over our lifetime, but no one does it like BIGHORN,” shares Bill. “BIGHORN is the Club of YOU CAN and not the club of you can’t.

We can use our cell phones and stay connected to our business, wear jeans or workout attire, and we can even keep our favorite car in The Vault.”

The car he is referring to is a gorgeous ice blue Aston Martin that he bought on a whim. “When he came home with it, I was completely surprised,” Happy recalls. “He said it matches the color of your eyes!’ Who can resist that kind of car buying?”

With a name like Happy, it’s hard not to smile. She has her father to thank for that. He loved the sound of it and was inspired by Nelson Rockefeller’s stylish wife, who as a child was nicknamed Happy for her upbeat disposition.

Now married for 11 years, Happy and Bill first met at a restaurant while living in Fort Lauderdale, FL. They were married on June 3, just 18 months after they met. Interestingly, both their parents also were married on June 3 and were together over 50 years.

At that time, Happy owned a fitness club and was an international fitness consultant, helping gym owners maximize their space with the best equipment and services.

Bill was an established entrepreneur, having first outlined his business as a senior at Utah State University in 1978. His plan was based on the notion that drivers in the area preferred the comfort of velour car interiors to vinyl, but found them too difficult to keep clean. Seeing an opportunity to solve this dilemma, he sourced a product, tested it on fabrics, and that was his “Ah-ha” moment… His start up business, selling the service of treating fabric-cladded rides was born.

He quickly impressed venture capitalist Blaine Huntsman who invested about $26,000 in the company and Siskin Enterprises was established. Today, Bill’s company has grossed hundreds of millions in sales, hosts 120 long-standing employees and works with thousands of car dealerships.

“I’ve always loved cars and I wanted to give the ultimate customer service experience,” shares Bill. “To have succeeded in something I love, and then to be a part of something so dynamic as BIGHORN and The Vault, it’s a dream come true!”

Since the beginning, Bill has believed in hiring great people who fully support their customers, something he has instilled in his family.

“We are so proud of our kids,” shares Happy. They grew up learning their father’s business practices, and are now integrated in the success of the company. Their son John is the President of Siskin, daughter Jody Pavich is a Regional Representative, her husband, Andy, is the National Sales Director, and son Paul is the National Accounts Manager. The couple’s youngest son, Brooks, is a student at Utah State University.

The Nisson family spends a lot of time at BIGHORN and has affectionately nicknamed it “The Bubble.” It’s their own term of endearment for a magical world where they can be treated like kings and queens.

“When I’m here, I can still be involved in Siskin’s day to day, but I appreciate the fact that my team has everything well in control,” adds Bill. “I call it ‘sideline coaching,’ but the kids call it ‘Monday morning quarterbacking.’ ”

Happy and Bill truly enjoy all the social aspects of BIGHORN, from health and fitness programs to the engaging events and the tremendous Members and staff they converse with every day.

“The people here are so fascinating – how they started their businesses, what drives them and all the things they want to accomplish,” shares the couple. Plus, “The mutual respect that the Members and the staff have for one another is incomparable,” says Bill.

BIGHORN’s impassioned involvement in philanthropic endeavors also was appealing to the Nissons, as it mirrors their own charitable efforts. Siskin Enterprises is very involved with the AutoNation Cure Bowl and Drive Pink Campaign.

“It’s a celebration of the women who are living with breast cancer today and it’s support for those who will face it tomorrow,” says Bill. “It’s a memoriam to those who have lost their battle and hope for those who fight to survive.”

Siskin Enterprises is dedicated to the fight against cancer. They support the American Cancer Society, Make A Wish Foundation, and Racing for Cancer. They also support the Boys and Girls Club of Broward County, the Milagro Center in Florida which provides art and summer programs to disadvantaged kids, Keys to Success, an entrepreneurial program for high schools, and Johnny Mac Soldiers Fund, which especially touches Bill’s heart because it supports families of armed force servicemen and women (Bill served in the Air Force Reserve).

“Since joining BIGHORN, we have also become supporters of BIGHORN BAM” shares Happy. “We’re overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and funds that BIGHORN gives to support the surrounding Coachella Valley, making it a better place for all of its residents. It truly makes us feel lucky that we have found such a haven.”

The Nissons’ home is on the Mountains Course where they relish their picturesque views and enjoy watching far-away golfers perfect their game. “It’s so peaceful and easy, especially in the afternoons. It’s a wonderful life!” remarks Happy. “But the best part about our home is that my husband is here to share it with me.”


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