Life's Best Moments: Becky & Duane Andrews

Scott Avra, David Blank, Mark Davidson

Thinking back on “life before BIGHORN,” each member of the Andrews family can’t imagine where they might be without the memories and moments they have created as part of the community. It was a decision that involved the entire family, and one that has changed the course of their lives.

Their journey to BIGHORN began when son Kevin was a teenage golfer traveling with his father, Duane, from their home in Lake Tahoe to La Quinta to work with a golf coach. Taken in by the area’s world-class reputation as a training ground for budding golfers, they ventured out to look at property during one of their visits. On his call with BIGHORN Properties, Duane shared the importance of Kevin’s ability to play the courses if they decided to purchase.

When they arrived, “Sales Agent Tony Lennon, Membership Director Mike Grenier, and Junior Golf Director Bill Madonna all met with us for our appointment, and we were sold immediately on their genuineness,” Duane recalls. More than anywhere else they considered, the two felt at home with the BIGHORN team.

“They were integral to our experience,” Duane attests. After viewing BIGHORN, Kevin took the initiative of shopping online for the family’s dream home. He found an incredible property that not only fulfilled the family’s needs but also offered a sensational Canyons course view and sleek architectural details.

On the next trip, Becky and Amanda joined the guys to see this home for themselves. They immediately loved its sense of privacy as well as its intriguing, nautilus-style design that places the great room at the center with the rest of the house designed around itself. During an enthusiastic family meeting, they discussed numbers and decided that BIGHORN and this home were the right investments.

From there, the family’s moments at BIGHORN quickly turned to lifetime memories. Amanda and Kevin, who were 19 and 16 at the time, spent many weekends at the new house. Because Kevin played golf throughout high school and needed to play independent of his parents when he traveled down, the Club extended him a Legacy membership. Kevin understood the privilege and pursued the sport seriously. “It was the perfect place for practicing and working on my game, especially with my swing coach being local,” he relates. A Legacy meant he could play at any time, and it presented him the honor of inviting guests, including his coaches or teammates.

After two years of Division 1 collegiate golf at University of the Pacific in Stockton, Calif., Kevin took an internship with a hedge fund and discovered a newfound passion for business. Though golf became purely recreational when he transferred to The College of William & Mary in Williamsburg, Va., to focus on finance, BIGHORN has remained an important part of his life.

During a collegiate golf fellowship retreat at their BIGHORN home, Kevin was baptized in a ceremony that incorporated their water feature. “It was a powerful moment knowing that my friends Cameron, Ben, and Jeff were alongside me celebrating my beliefs,” Kevin shares.

For dad Duane, one of his proudest moments at BIGHORN was winning with Kevin the gross division of the 2010 Opening Day Member-Member Golf Tournament; they were also on the winning gross team for the New Year’s Scramble in 2013. Since becoming Members five years ago, the Andrews have won four tournaments and a ProAm. Duane also made a hole-in-one on Canyons #17 in 2013 with Kevin at his side. Kevin, of course, will never forget his own double eagle on a par 5 that he made to win the 2013 Orange County Championship.

Mom Becky is the family’s social queen. Her memories have been made entertaining and hiking, as well as unwinding at the Spa, reading by the pool, dining with her family at the Canyons Steak House, or grabbing Golf House take-out. With family memberships at Martis Camp in Lake Tahoe as well as BIGHORN, Becky recognizes golf is a lifetime passion for her husband and son. Kevin says he loves the Mountains 12th hole for its “incredible approach that challenges you to make a great shot.” Duane looks forward to the Mountains 9th hole for “its beautiful approach towards the Clubhouse, and the Men’s Locker Room,” he winks.

Off the course, the family’s business is headquartered in Lake Tahoe and Becky appreciates the tranquility of relaxing at BIGHORN while conveniently managing the company remotely. “This house makes you feel like you are outside all the time,” she effuses. “It feels completely open. You can look right through it to see the magnificent views.” Plus, for the Andrews it’s easy to work with BIGHORN Transportation Manager Carol Tufaro to fly from Tahoe to Palm Desert in the Pilatus whenever need be.

Becky was a labor/delivery nurse before enrolling in business classes at Biola University in La Mirada, Calif., and working alongside Duane and his co-founder to develop Clear Capital, the largest privately held real estate valuation company servicing all five of the country’s major lenders. “Freddie Mac processes every one of their appraisals through our quality-ranking engine,” Duane says.

“We process 25,000 appraisals a day, including residential and commercial.” From real estate asset valuation, broker price opinions, and property condition inspections to data and analytics and technology-driven intelligence tools, the company and its 340 employees uphold the philosophy: Wherever it leads, whatever it takes.

“We have never failed at completing a report. We’ve never had a call go to voicemail during work hours. We put people on float planes to perform appraisals and get the job done right so our customers will be with us for life,” Becky says. “Everyone is a top-tier, number-one customer, and we know we are making a difference in the lives of those we serve. We love what we do, and we see this company as a blessing.”

Daughter Amanda’s memories reach back to those first weekends at BIGHORN. As a Biola University student, she savored the time away to relax on the sunbather’s deck in the courtyard. She always felt like it was her own private resort, making it the perfect place to read novel upon novel. Once she met Matt Tororello, now her husband, the two spent many weekends at BIGHORN, playing tennis and hitting the Spa. After a few years, it was BIGHORN’s Canyons #16 where Matt proposed. He had called the Canyons Steak House Manager who turned off the sprinklers and set up a picnic area for the big engagement. The pair celebrated at the Steak House after Amanda said the magical word: “Yes!”

Collectively, the whole Andrews family has said a resounding “Yes!” to life at BIGHORN, where memories often include a dose of humor. At their traditional Easter brunch, for example, Duane always asks for a kids’ coloring book that the Club customizes annually. Then he proceeds to complete the word search in record time. Last year, Catering Manager Joe DeNovi even surprised him with a fun trophy that named him the word search winner. Most recently, the staff created a supremely difficult word search, challenging Duane with just one hour to finish it. He did – with some help from his family – and he loved every minute of it. That’s what makes BIGHORN home – it’s a place where customized experiences create one-of-a-kind memories for each family who chooses to make BIGHORN their own.

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