The Right Combination

Photography by Mark Davidson

Recognized by CNBC as California’s most exclusive club, next to Cypress Point, and considered the sixth most exclusive club in the country, BIGHORN is certainly poised for the future. Along with the extremely innovative Clubhouse, exclusive car collector’s Vault, and full upgrades of lifestyle amenities, BIGHORN continues to excel in excellence. When you add the four exclusive Penthouses that will grace the top of the Clubhouse and soak in the most panoramic views in the entire desert, you can only be in awe of what is about to happen to BIGHORN as an investment – not only financially but also as the finest place to live your best life.

At BIGHORN, seizing the day means taking hold of a limited opportunity to build a lasting legacy and becoming part of a community of homeowners who live comfortably in awardwinning, architectural masterpieces, who experience excellent service, and who enjoy an unparalleled way of life.

Our individual homesites, custom residences, and remarkable villas are represented by arguably one of the finest teams of real estate professionals in the world: BIGHORN Properties! An unmatched resource since its inception in 1990, BIGHORN Properties is open seven days a week, all year, to serve listing clients and accommodate prospective buyers at a moment’s notice. Only BIGHORN Properties can provide prospective owners and Members with immediate access to all private amenities by offering a full, firsthand glimpse into the BIGHORN lifestyle.

Four professional sales associates, who average over 20+ years of experience at BIGHORN, continue to cultivate long-lasting relationships with their homeowners. They are led by Carl Cardinalli, Director of Sales, who has seen BIGHORN develop from its beginnings to its revered status as one of the world’s exceptional communities.

The fully equipped office has participated in 96% of all property sales since BIGHORN’s founding. This record is no accident; it was established through tremendous effort and focus. The team has a thorough understanding of the BIGHORN vision, detailed knowledge of every facet of its properties, and an unwavering commitment to BIGHORN’s community and Club. It is no wonder that BIGHORN Properties has successfully negotiated and closed over $2.4 billion in sales at BIGHORN.

For more information on BIGHORN’s new spec home or collection of spectacular custom propertes, please call BIGHORN Properties at 800-551-5578 or visit

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