Two Decades of Service: Our Brightest Stars

BIGHORN Chairman R.D. Hubbard has always remarked, “BIGHORN’s best asset is our incredibly talented staff.” And Members wholeheartedly agree! With 31 employees having served over 20 years at BIGHORN, some even stretching back for over 25 years before BIGHORN began, it’s easy to see that the team is worth its weight in gold! Several individuals grew into their positions, including General Manager Tony Ogrodnick who started as a Golf Host and moved up to Golf Shop Assistant then to Head Golf Professional and Director of Golf for 14 years before his current role as General Manager. The same can be said for Mike Grenier who currently serves as the Membership Director. The average tenure of a BIGHORN employee is over nine years; and open positions are far and few between with family members often recommending cousins or siblings for jobs. “We are so proud of our BIGHORN family,” shares Hubbard. “Their dedication, innovation, and personalization in everything they do make us the #1 club in the country.”

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